You want me to deliver what?

It’s a fair question.  After all, if most would list 100 jobs to do as a college student, I doubt distributing frozen water would appear on anyone’s list (excluding college students and graduates that have done it before).  Here are four reasons we think this job should be at the top of your list when it comes to college employment:

1.   The natural fit: Ice sells twelve months out of the year.  Ice sells great in the summer time.  When you are out for summer break, we need motivated, talented people.  When you are in school, we have the ability to work around your schedule.

2.  Earnings potential: Different ways of paying employees work for different companies.  We feel strongly believe that if you are willing to work harder than the average person, you should be paid better than the average person.   Don’t get me wrong, everyone is guaranteed a base wage above minimum wage.  If you’re hungry, you can do much, much better to make the most of the precious time you have.

3.  Freedom: Delivering ice is work.  Hard work.  With that being said, if being stuck in the confines of four walls for eight hours isn’t for you, there is a good chance that this job is.  You report each morning to the same place to pick up your equipment and company truck, but after that, you have a great deal of autonomy in how your day runs.

4.  Future opportunity: The vast majority of our managerial and support ranks are promoted from within.  If you have a different career path lined up post-graduation, we have alumni in a wide range of fields from medicine to law to engineering.  Either way, you are in a good network.

If you have questions, apply online to the closest facility to you, and your local manager can call you back to answer them.